About the Book

164 and More is an effective reference manual for the Big Book Alcoholics Anonymous and the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions.

Use 164 and More to find occurrences of a particular passage within the Big Book and the 12&12. In addition to saving time, you can be sure that all instances are located.

164 and More is organized alphabetically by keyword; it takes just a few seconds to find the passage you seek. For example, look up POWERLESS. A portion of the page is shown below; the page header comes from the first passage on that page.

Each passage containing POWERLESS is shown along with a few words before and after the keyword. This context helps you quickly pick the right passage.

164 and More book- page 441

164 and More is a large book. There are over 38,000 passages like the examples shown above. The book is about one inch thick; the page size is 6 by 9 inches. There are 660 pages in 164 and More. The book is spiral bound to lay flat and the cover is laminated for durability.

More information is contained in the "Using this Book" chapter of 164 and and More. You can read the full "Using this Book" chapter or examine a sample from the book.

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