Kindle Edition

Sample Kindle Search

Lookup a word by tapping or selecting it using the Word Index. Or, use the built-in keyboard on all Kindle models as well as many smart phones and tablets. PC and Mac computers work the same but the mouse is used to select words and passages.

Sentences containing your word will display. Each is identified as to the book (BB or 12&12) as well as the chapter name and page number. Big Book page numbers are for the Fourth Edition.

While reviewing your "hits" you may see another word of interest. Simply tap the new word or select it with the cursor. Sentences containing that word will appear.

Internet access is not required to use 164 and More; all content resides on your device. To purchase click here for the listing on Amazon.

Sample Kindle Search

Supported Platforms

In addition to the Kindle itself, 164 and More will run on smart phones including the iPhone, Android phone, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone 7. Also supported are iPad and Android tablets as well as PC and Macintosh computers.

Before purchasing 164 and More, you will need to install a free Kindle Reading App for your smart phone, tablet, or computer. Go to the Kindle Store on; Reading Apps are listed on the left margin.

Easy to Use

Using a Kindle Touch, smart phone or tablet, you never have to type anything. Simply use the Word Index, tap a letter of the alphabet, and then tap the word you want.

Using the keyboard on the original Kindle or the onscreen keyboard with the newest $79 Kindle, you only have to type a few letters then move the cursor to select your word...

Sample Kindle Search

More Information

164 and More contains a number of "how to" screens. There are sections for each Kindle model, smart phones, tablets, and computers. Pick your device and learn recommendations for getting the most from 164 and More. You can open a PDF documentation file containing the "how to" screens. Another option is to purchase 164 and More from the Kindle Store and begin using it. If it does not meet your needs, you have 7 days to receive a full refund from