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From the books  ...  Alcoholics Anonymous (Big Book) and Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions (12 & 12)

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View THERE IS A SOLUTION chapter   ... weak."   BB There Is A Solution, p.20  
"His will power must be weak."

View A VISION FOR YOU chapter   ... weak, and sober but a few months, ...   BB A Vision For You, p.154  
Still physically weak, and sober but a few months, he saw that his predicament was dangerous.

View TO WIVES chapter   ... weak character.   BB To Wives, p.115  
You will no longer be self-conscious or feel that you must apologize as though your husband were a weak character.

View WE AGNOSTICS chapter   ... weak, even cowardly.   BB We Agnostics, pp.45-46  
We were bothered with the thought that faith and dependence upon a Power beyond ourselves was somewhat weak, even cowardly.

View TRADITION THREE essay   ... weak folks.   12&12 Tradition Three, p.143  
It's a lot of malarkey for weak folks.

View INTO ACTION chapter   ... weak items in our personal inventory.   BB Into Action, p.72  
We have admitted certain defects; we have ascertained in a rough way what the trouble is; we have put our finger on the weak items in our personal inventory.

View TO WIVES chapter   ... weak moment he may take your dislike ...   BB To Wives, p.120  
In a weak moment he may take your dislike of his high-stepping friends as one of those insanely trivial excuses to drink.

View STEP FOUR essay   ... weak one, failing to meet life's responsibilities ...   12&12 Step Four, p.43  
This weak one, failing to meet life's responsibilities with his own resources, never grows up.

View TO EMPLOYERS chapter   ... weak, stupid and irresponsible.   BB To Employers, p.139  
When dealing with an alcoholic, there may be a natural annoyance that a man could be so weak, stupid and irresponsible.

View TO EMPLOYERS chapter   ... weak will?   BB To Employers, p.140  
Can you discard the feeling that you are dealing only with habit, with stubbornness, or a weak will?

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