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From the books  ...  Alcoholics Anonymous (Big Book) and Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions (12 & 12)

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  ... methods.  BB Into Action, p.72
Trying to avoid this humbling experience, they have turned to easier methods.

  ... methods.  BB Working With Others, p.101
We have tried these methods.

  ... methods?  BB To Employers, p.144
After all, are you not looking for results rather than methods?

  ... methods.  12&12 Tradition Eleven, p.182
They were sure that A.A. could go faster and farther if it availed itself of modern publicity methods.

  ... methods had failed completely.  BB The Doctor's Opinion, p.xxv
I personally know scores of cases who were of the type with whom other methods had failed completely.

  ... methods we have tried: Drinking beer only, ...  BB More About Alcoholism, p.31
Here are some of the methods we have tried: Drinking beer only, limiting the number of drinks, never drinking alone, never drinking in the morning, drinking only at home, never having it in the house, never drinking during business hours, drinking only at parties, switching from scotch to brandy, drinking only natural wines, agreeing to resign if ever drunk on the job, taking a trip, not taking a trip, swearing off forever (with and without a solemn oath), taking more physical exercise, reading inspirational books, going to health farms and sanitariums, accepting voluntary commitment to asylums -- we could increase the list ad infinitum.

  ... methods which I employed are successful, but ...  BB There Is A Solution, p.27
With many individuals the methods which I employed are successful, but I have never been successful with an alcoholic of your description."(*)

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